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PH Agri in the remainder days of 2021

The Philippines (PH) has been through a lot in the past two years. Taal Volcano eruption, typhoon Ulysses and COVID-19 pandemic, what’s worse than these three combined? Nevertheless, the Philippine agriculture sector has been experiencing growth as the country draws to the affordable food supply. 

Department of Agriculture (DA), William Dar is confident that we would achieve 2.5% growth in agriculture this 2021. With all the other businesses shutting down – construction, manufacturing, real estate, and others, the Filipinos would still have to eat and rely upon our food business. 

“2020 has officially become the most challenging year for the Philippine agriculture sector. Massive stresses faced the country’s farmers and fishers—from a volcanic eruption, infectious animal diseases, crop pest infestations, a viral pandemic that resulted in a health crisis, to falling prices of staples, and then finally a series of typhoons in the last quarter,” the DA said.

According to the Department of Agriculture’s report livestock and poultry production still continue to decrease while crops and fisheries increase their production in the first quarter of 2021. 

Despite the challenges we face in agriculture, the resiliency and persistency of our farmers would help us stand once again. Aside from the DA target of growth in agriculture, as fellow Filipinos, we should take action in helping our own people and in achieving growth in our society.

Let’s help our local farmers one box at a time. 

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Kimberly Joy Urgelles
Kimberly Joy Urgelles

Kim is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Communication at Polytechnic University of the Philippines. She is currently a Product & Marketing Intern at Farm Box and also a full-time Tax Analyst in a top auditing firm.