Farm Box links farmers to enterprises thru Marketplace

To help our local farmers and growers end-to-end, from inputs to outputs, Farm Box launches Marketplace which aims to sell the produce of their partner farmers to various enterprises at the right price, at par with the traditional middlemen.

Farm Box was established in April 2021 to provide the high quality and right quantity farming supplies to the local farmers and growers in need. However, as Farm Box continues its journey, there are several issues in the entire agricultural value chain that needs to be solved.

“We realized that we can’t just be there at the start only. If we need to help our partners to uplift and to improve their lives, we need to assist them end-to-end,” said Lester Mendoza, Farm Box co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Farm Box Marketplace is the arm of Farm Box that markets and sells the products of our partner farmers to several establishments such as restaurants, cafes, hospitals, and food chains. The initiative aims to solve the multiple middlemen in the value chain which affects the price sold by the local farmers.

“Farm Box Marketplace aims to directly deliver the harvest of our partners to the groups that will directly consume or use it. In that way, we can buy the produce at a higher price, sell them cheaper than the usual price in the market without sacrificing the margins. It’ll be a win-win situation between our customers, partners, and the company,” added Lester.

Aside from the pricing benefits to all partners, Farm Box Marketplace has the goal of helping their partner-enterprises, especially the MSMEs to have access to fresh from the farm produce. Helping these MSMEs to use ethically sourced and fresh ingredients that will improve their products.

“We started last August, and we have helped our partner enterprises to have cost savings because they buy ingredients now at a lower price. Also, we make sure that the produce we supply is fresh, we harvest it in the morning and deliver in the afternoon,” said Lester.

The startup’s partner enterprises have saved at least 3,000 pesos per month by getting Farm Box Marketplace as the supplier of their vegetable needs. Also, by partnering with the Marketplace, these enterprises can help local farmers and growers.

Currently, Farm Box is selling produce such as cucumber, tomato, ampalaya, lettuce, chicken meat, and pork.

“We want to have a better agricultural ecosystem for our farmers and various partners. We will not stop solving problems in the agricultural sector until we have achieved our goal — to have better lives for the country’s provider of food,” ended Lester.

If you are a business, an enterprise that needs fresh from the farm produce, you can contact them at their Facebook Page Marketplace by Farm Box or email them at You can also visit their e-commerce website at

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