How it works?

Farm Box provides the end-to-end essentials

We got everyone on board! From input to output, Farm Box is here to help.

How to earn and help?


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What are the Farmer’s Benefits?

Farm Essentials

Financial Literacy and Agri Trainings

Farmer’s Network

Our local farmers and growers will receive:

Farm EssentialsHassle-free delivery of the needed farm assets and materials and source also directly from Suppliers.
Cash Allowance Cash assistance to use during emergencies related to farming and to improve the current farming practices.
Access to FarmBox Store Farmers can enjoy discount and low-priced items to be used in farming. They can avail loans and will be credited on their next farming cycle.
Modules and TrainingsReceives different innovative farming modules that will help them gain new knowledge to be used on their farming activities.
Financial Planning and Management Provide assistance with the Farmers on how they can manage their earnings and the expenses thru securing their future with financial management knowledge and help
monitor it.
Bigger Net Profit Higher returns will be given to farmer for their efforts in running their farm and helping other individuals to generate additional income thru agriculture
FarmBox Marketpace Farmers can engage with the partner and legitimate buyers of Agrcultural Products
Farmbox Farmer’s Space Farmers can engage with other farmers to gain insights and comments.
Farm Star Either in terms of cash or items, bonuses will be given based on the farmers performance. Criteria is set by FarmBox

Farm Box is a social enterprise that provides support and assistance to the local farmers based in the Philippines.

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How it works?




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